A living soil is a healthy soil

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Weekly Subscription

Tuckaway Farm Salad Club - Weekly

Join the OCS salad club and receive 4 servings of a surprise green along with 3-4 additional toppings and a customized recipe card for a recommended salad dressing. Make salads for the family or break down the box and use the ingredients to make your own great dishes.

Signing up for a Weekly Salad Club means you will receive 8 salads over our 8 week cycle (May 21 - July 11).

The price reflects one month (4) salads - the charge will auto renew in 4 weeks to cover the 8 week cycle. 

Any skips needed during this cycle will be credited and can be used directly at Tuckaway Farms.

Please leave a cooler out during your pickup. Salad boxes are 12x9x6

About the farm:

Tuckaway Farm is a 23 acre regenerative farm nestled in the ozark hills of Bentonville, AR. Their vision is to sustainably grow delicious food for their community and connect people with the farm their food comes from. 

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Pay every 4 weeks. Receive salads every week
Price $119.99 at Checkout

Subscription: You have complete control of your product and service subscription. Skip, reschedule, edit, cancel deliveries anytime matching your needs.


Healthy Soils
Castings provide nutrient rich organic matter, along with bountiful microbiology that constantly provides plants the exact nutrients required to thrive.
Healthy Plants
Because the microbiology provides plants with the exact nutrients it needs, we can expect much higher yields in our plants and gardens with no chemical additions. The microbiology also helps fight pathogens and disease.
Carbon Sequestration
Living soils provide proper storage for carbon within our atmosphere. When plants pull in carbon dioxide a portion goes down through the roots, where the microbiology properly stores that carbon dioxide.