Frequently Asked Questions

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QWhy compost?

Simple! Composting diverts food waste from landfills and helps preserve the natural beauty of our community. By diverting our food waste, we help reduce potent methane gasses that are omitted in to the atmosphere when food is trapped amonst trash and plastics.

Composting allows for the natural process of food waste and other organic material to properly breakdown in to nutrient rich soil.

QWhat can be composted?

More than you think! Check out the list of acceptable and non-acceptable items here.

QWhere does my compost go?

After pick-up, the food waste from your compost bucket is taken to our facility where it is processed, and fed to over 1 million worms. After several weeks we end up with a nutrient rich soil amendment, castings. A portion of these castings are then returned to our members through our Giveback Program

QAm I responsible cleaning my bucket?

No - we take care of the dirty work!  We'll pick up your bucket and leave you with a clean one.

QWhen is my compost pick up day?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your designated pick up day. This day will be the same day each week depending on your frequency. You will receive a text message reminder the night before and the day of.

QDo you service my location?

Check out the map of our service areas here

QWhat happens if I forget to place my compost bucket or swap empties outside on my pick up day?

Life happens, we get it. Shoot us an e-mail or text and we’ll reschedule you on the next available route. Keep your eye out for text message pick-up reminders.

QWhat happens if we can't pick up due to weather?

You will be notified via text alert if and when your pick up needs to be rescheduled due to Mother Nature.