Why Compost?

By driving small changes in our homes, we can make big impacts......... Act locally, think globally.

Reduce Landfill Waste
Composting reduces waste, making us less dependent on and helping slow the growth of landfills. Food accounts for 24% of our landfill waste.
Decrease Greenhouse Gases
Food waste does not properly decompose in a landfill when it's surrounded by plastics, styrofoam and other trash. Food waste in the landfill will produce methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.
Improve Soil Health
By composting, your are allowing the natural process of the decomposition of organic matter. This produces highly nutrient rich soil utilized by farmers and gardeners who grow our food.

Preserve Our Natural Beauty

Everyone who is outdoors in Northwest Arkansas is almost by choice an environmentalist.

We have amazing opportunities here with our mountain bike trails, lakes, rivers & other outdoor activities. It is our responsibility as a community to ensure the natural beauty of our state for generations to come.