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60oz Coffee Canister (Filled with your selected coffee flavor)

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Fresher Coffee / Less Waste 

Our favorite way to store coffee comes with a patented lid that dispels air to preserve and protect your coffee. The valve forces air out and keeps coffee freshness in while still allowing it to "breath". We deliver the canister with 500g of either Ethiopia, Buffalo Blend, or Black Bear-- your choice! That amount of coffee is equal to TWO of our retail bags. There's no BPA, no air making your coffee stale, while eliminating your need for packaging. That's what we call a win/win.  


How It Works:

  • Purchase (or use your existing) Airship or Ozark Compost & Swap canister
  • Once the purchase has been made, the canister & coffee will be delivered to your doorstep on your designated compost pickup day
  • If you already have a canister, leave it on your doorstep for us to fill
  • Once you’ve enjoyed all your coffee and your canister is empty, simply re-order or subscribe to your favorite coffee bean type on our Shop Coffee page
  • On your designated compost pickup day, leave your canister on your doorstep along with your compost bucket.
  • We will snag your canister and refill it with your selected coffee beans.
  • Enjoy!

    Ozark Compost & Swap

    Product description and image from AIRSHIP - used with permission.

    Ozark Compost and SwapOzark Compost and Swap