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Ozark Compost is on a mission to make composting both accessible and convenient, all at the comfort of your doorstep.
start getting more value out of your waste while decreasing it.
Our trial program is designed to give you the opportunity to try composting within your household and see if it can be a lasting habit

How The Trial Works:

- One-month of free pickups

- Pickups every two weeks

- 5-gallon bucket provided (must be returned)

- Text notifications on pickup days

- There are NO commitments once your trial is complete. Just give it a try!

Supported Locations

Please Note: At the moment, we only deliver to these select areas of Northwest Arkansas. If your delivery address is not in one of these cities, your subscription may be canceled and refunded.

BentonvilleFayettevilleRogersBella VistaSpringdaleJohnsonLowellCave SpringsCenterton

Ozark Compost & Swap Services

How compost pickups work

Trial Signup
Signup for your trial and we'll email your delivery day.
Fill Your Bucket
We'll deliver your bucket and you fill it with food waste and other compostable items.
Pick Up
Place your bucket out on your designated day and we'll replace it with a clean bucket.
Get the Compost
Once an active composter opt-in to receive the compost back.

Start Reducing Your Waste

Jump on board with the hundreds of homes and businesses reducing their waste every week.

We're working with hundreds of homes and businesses to divert thousands of pounds of food waste each week.

Community Testimonials

"I highly recommend this incredibly convenient way to reduce your home's food waste. They pick up at your house, and you get ready made compost in return." Stephanie, Fayetteville

"Our house loves the Ozark Compost service. We’ve recently started using their counter top caddy and it makes composting even easier. Love the add-ons like Airship coffee and other sustainable products!" Katie, Rogers

"They gave me a month free just to try it out and to see if I actually create enough material to compost. They remind me when to put my compost bucket outside and they make the switch so easy! I feel better that I'm helping the planet and decreasing my carbon footprint on the planet." Tess, Bentonville

So Why Compost?

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

When food waste goes to the landfills it suffocates under the pressure of all the trash. Without oxygen the food waste releases methane gases which is released into our atmosphere. Methane is 25x more potent then carbon dioxide.

Decrease Landfills

Did you know our current landfill in NWA will reach capacity March of 2024? Food waste makes up 30% of our landfills. By removing the food waste from our landfills we can decrease the overall footprint.

Healthy Compost

It's incredible to know that our food waste can be turned into a useful soil amendment thriving with microbial life and nutrients. Compost rich with life can actually sequester carbon from our atmosphere and store it in our soil, along with having a healthy garden. And Yes! Our active composters receive a portion of the compost back.